Power & Earth presents Power LED

High quality LED Tractor lights now available nationwide throughout New Zealand.

See more. 

Do more.

Plug & Play

Easy to fit

Long Lasting

Instant Light

No warm up required

Why choose Power LED?

High-quality Tractor LED lights enable less power consumption and higher light output so you can see further and work efficently.

See further & more clearly

Enjoy the clarity that comes with a brighter, clear light

Work longer & more effectively

Get more done in a days work with crisp clarity through dawn and dusk

Increase safety while working

Less operator/driver fatigue and safer working conditions

Easily fit lights Plug & Play

Power LED lights are simple and easy to fit. Simply plug and play! 

Power LED lights fit a range of brands

Don't see your tractor brand below? Enquire now and our team may be able to help.

Did you know?

LEDs have a rated average life of up to 50,000 hours! 

This is approximately 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

No equipment workouts
Personal Trainers
Online fitness community

“We're here to help you work faster and save money. LED tractor lights provide the best tractor experience. See clearly, see further, work safer and more effectively.” 

LED Light Options

Back of tractor LED lights

Full set of rear lights to improve safety and visibility.

How to order

The order process

Step 1
Enter your details, tractor make and model in the form below

Step 2
One of our team members will get in touch within 1 working day

Step 3
Place your order

Step 4
Your LED lights will be couriered to you

Step 5
Simply replace your exisiting lights with your new LED lights!


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